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Since 1995, the Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. has helped those with family law problems. We have a broad range of resources to help you with your domestic and international family concerns whether you need an Antenuptial Agreement or are making the difficult decisions surrounding a divorce or other family dispute. We are committed to providing clients with excellent legal counsel and the supportive service that is expected of a Minnesota family practice.

At the Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. we believe that team effort is the most efficient and effective way to work with a client.

From Susan's interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

Creative Solutions
We believe that there is a creative solution to virtually every issue and that by exploring creative solutions, we increase our ability to meet the goals of our clients.

Offering Excellence, Integrity, and Experience
Divorce can be traumatic and an upheaval of your family functioning, yet during this time you are asked to make family, legal and financial decisions that will affect the rest of your life. At the Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. you can rely on the experience of our legal counsel to carefully direct you through the often complicated legal procedures and systems that will determine the outcome of your case.

The Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. was located in downtown Minneapolis from 1995 through 2007 when it relocated to Eagan. Susan M. Gallagher, J.D., R.N., founder and sole practitioner with the Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. has been working in the area of family law since 1995. The excellence of the firm lies not only in its accomplishments but also in the creativity that we apply to the issues of each case to find unique resolutions that meet the needs of the client. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your family issues and concerns.


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