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In recent years, more and more fathers have relied on paternity actions to protect their parental rights and gain access to the lives of their children.

What is a Paternity Action?

A paternity action is a legal proceeding to determine the biological identity of a child’s father. More often than not, paternity issues arise in cases involving child support, but are important in determining the rights and obligations of each parent when it comes to adoption, inheritance, custody, visitation, healthcare, and other aspects that impact a father’s relationship with his child.

Working with mothers and fathers on the legal aspects of establishing, or determining paternity, we will work with you to find cooperative solutions to determine a father’s rights, establish child custody and support schedules, and resolve the diverse legal issues facing couples who are involved in raising Minnesota children.

We care for the concerns of Minnesota children and families, and are committed to offering fathers and mothers across the state creative solutions to approaching the life-changing issues involved in any paternity action. To understand your rights when paternity issues arise, contact our office.

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