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Parenting consultant (PC)

The use of a PC is a voluntary process and is not regulated by statute. The authority granted to a PC is based on an agreement between the parties and the PC and through an order entered by the court. There is a ‘practically perfect” parenting consultant order that is frequently used and can be found at mnadr.org. Most parenting consultants work to help the parents resolve the conflict through facilitation, but then the PC has the authority to make a binding decision. The binding decision of the PC is appealable to court. Consequently, parenting consulting is not a confidential process. The PC may be called to testify in court if a party challenges the binding decision. The cost of the parenting consultant is typically paid by both parties equally.

There are many individuals who serve as parenting consultants. If the Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. is not able to assist you as a parenting consultant because we represent you on your legal case, there are others who can assist you.

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