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Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE)

A parenting time expeditor is an individual who is named in a court order to provide assistance to parents by enforcing, interpreting, clarifying and addressing circumstances not specifically addressed by an existing parenting time order. The use of a PTE can occur through a voluntary agreement between the parties or the Court may elect to appoint a PTE. The PTE process is governed by statute at Minnesota Statute Section 518.1751. The PTE has limited decision making authority which set out in the statute. A PTE will assist the parents in facilitating resolution, but then has the authority to make a binding decision. The PTE decision is appealable to the court. The PTE process is confidential. Neither the PTE nor her/his records and notes may not be used in court.

There are many individuals who serve as parenting time expeditors. If the Gallagher Law Office, L.L.C. is not able to assist you as a parenting time expeditor because we represent you on your legal case, there are others who can assist you.


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